Overwhelming Majority Of Small Business Owners Say President Trump’s Policies Have Helped Their Business

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64% of small business owners in this survey say President Trump’s policies such as tax cuts and regulation cuts have helped their business. The fake news mainstream media refuses to cover this, which just shows their extreme bias. They might not care about small business owners, but President Trump does. And we-the-people recognize real results happening in our country, whether the media covers it or not.

From the Washington Examiner:

Small business owners favor Trump policies, GOP on economy: Survey

Small business owners view President Trump’s policies as helpful and favor the GOP on economic issues, according to a new survey released by the Job Creators Network.

The right-leaning small business group, which strongly backed the recently passed Republican tax cuts, found that 64 percent of small business owners see Trump’s policy changes as helping their businesses. And 58 percent said that Republicans are better at managing the economy, versus 14 percent for Democrats.

The bill included a special tax break for businesses that aren’t C-corporations in a bid to win support from small business groups.

A majority also saw media coverage of the tax bill as biased.

The survey shed some light on how small businesses are likely to respond to the tax overhaul. Asked what they planned to do with the savings from the tax cuts, a plurality of just under a quarter said that they planned to invest in new equipment or expand their business. That is the outcome that the Republican authors of the bill said they wanted.

Around a fifth of the business owners said they planned to use the tax savings to pay down debt. The next biggest group of respondents said that they would use them to raise wages.

“As revealed in these survey results, small business owners and their employees are solidly behind the policy pursuits of President Trump,” said Alfredo Ortiz, the Job Creators Network’s president. “The historic tax cuts legislation is already having positive impacts on small businesses and our economy.”

The group’s nationwide poll of 500 small business owners was conducted by Roosevelt Opinion Research in the last week.


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